Near shoring has started: Polylana®️ fiber expands network to Europe.

Textile production is coming back to Europe. Besides shorter leadtimes and flexibility, this new trend reduces CO2 emmissions due to less movement of goods. Polylana® yarn is now also available as 'made in Europe' and started with the two first nominated spinners Alpes F...
Polylana® Fiber developed eco-efficient fiber for faux fur.

Introduced and exposed for the first time during the Yarn Expo Shangai in March 2021.   
Polylana Fiber offers ‘starting point’ for sustainable knitting

Polylana® Fiber is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic and wool fibre, using less energy, water and CO2 during production. Brand director Tatiana Ponce explains more to Fiona Haran.
DBT Fibre Italy becomes Europe’s first official distributor and convertor of Polylana® eco-efficient knitting fiber tops. 

Dutch clean-tech startup The Movement – makers of Polylana® Fiber – today announced a new partnership with Italy-based, leading top producer DBT Fibre. The partners’ objective is to accelerate the use of low-impact and traceable fibers for the European fashion and textil...
Polylana® Fiber – the industry standard in eco-efficient knitting fiber
Polylana® branded fibers offering eco-efficient alternatives for acrylic and wool, with the lowest environmental impact in the industry and 100% traceable – setting the  industry wide benchmark in the sustainability of knitting fibers.