Austrian trademark No. 313822 of Amazon Aware is partially upheld and the registration of this trademark is cancelled for the classes 18, 20, 24 and 25 to avoid confusion.

25 March 2022

The Movement, the company behind the sustainable solutions Polylana® Fiber and Aware™ claim validation technology, today announced they have successfully raised €1.0 million in pre-seed funding. The funding will allow The Movement to grow its team, invest in technology a...

4 March 2022

Tailorlux GmbH and Aware™ are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic collaboration, combining Tailorlux' patented tracer technology for textiles with Aware's next-gen sustainability claim validation technology.

2 February 2022

AMSTERDAM | BANYERES – Ferre and Aware™ announced an exclusive partnership to accelerate fully traceable recycled cotton yarn. By using Aware™ traceability technology, Ferre Yarns can now be detectable in final products. This to proof the true origin of Ferre recycled co...

3 November 2021

Calik Denim and The Movement are excited to introduce the latest in fully traceable water-free indigo dyeing technology – DYEPRO® x Aware™. Combining the advanced new eco-consious dyeing technology of DYEPRO® with the true traceability technology of Aware™, this newest d...

2 September 2021

With a growing demand from consumers for trustworthy sustainable products, traceability is becoming key, and many textile manufactures are adapting. Artistic Fabric Mills, the premium denim mill based in Pakistan, is doing just that by partnering up with Aware™ to make t...

5 July 2021

Textile production is coming back to Europe. Besides shorter leadtimes and flexibility, this new trend reduces CO2 emmissions due to less movement of goods. Polylana® yarn is now also available as 'made in Europe' and started with the two first nominated spinners Alpes F...

2 June 2021

EU legislation could become a major threat for textile brands. But a new disruptive technology can help...

4 May 2021

Introduced and exposed for the first time during the Yarn Expo Shangai in March 2021.   

26 March 2021

The Movement, a cleantech company from The Netherlands, today announced a new partnership with Dutch-based multi-stakeholder initiative ‘Denim Deal’, by offering its traceability technology Aware™.

2 March 2021